I Love to Tell the Story


From the very first message God let me preach to the present, nothing thrills my soul like preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The past thirty years have been great. From that little brush arbor meeting to the ministry of Harvest Baptist Tabernacle, the revival pulpits, the camp meeting grounds, the airwaves, and the platform of national conferences, I love to tell the story. I trust the messages you read in this book will encourage your hearts, fire up your souls, and edify your lives as we all endeavor to tell the story until Jesus comes for His Own.

I Love to Tell the Story includes 25 classic sermons by Dr. Joe Arthur such as: God’s .44 Magnum; The I of the Storm; The Rose of Sharon; The Apostle of Fire; Calvary’s Touch; How Much More; and A Man, Some Man, Some Other Man

406 page hardback book with dust jacket

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