Parenting Skills


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Every Parent should desire to train up their child in a biblical, God-honoring way. This book is a tremendous resource for parents trying to serve God and set their children up for the future.


Author: Bob Gray, Sr. | Pages: 153 | Chapters: 32 | Format: Paperback

  1. Chain of Command
  2. The Bible Role of the Wife
  3. the Bible Role of the Husband
  4. Everything Rises and Falls on Followship
  5. Peer Pressure
  6. Knowing Your Child
  7. Atmospheric Pressure
  8. Developing an Honest and Good Heart
  9. Developing a Good Spirit
  10. Proper Child Discipline
  11. Reality Rearing
  12. Turning the Hearts
  13. Building Boldness
  14. Protecting Your Children from Predators
  15. The Importance of a Christian Education
  16. Curing Sibling Rivalry
  17. Family Altar
  18. Developing Obedience
  19. Hyperactive Children
  20. The Structure: Birth to Nine Years of Age
  21. How to Develop Greatness in Your Child: Ages Birth to Nine
  22. How to Develop Greatness in Your Child Ages Ten to Twelve
  23. How to Develop Greatness in Girls Ages Ages Ten to Twelve
  24. How to Develop Greatness in Boys Ages Ten to Twelve
  25. How to Develop Greatness in Your Teenager
  26. The First Commandment with Promise
  27. Bewitched
  28. Cleaning Up the Homes
  29. Dating
  30. Preparing Your Daughters for Marriage
  31. Preparing Your Sons for Marriage
  32. Preparing Your Young People for the Future

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Parenting Skills